Эра Годы Описание Символ
Докосмическая Up to 1950 Earliest referred to era, where humanity resides only on its planet of origin Terra.
Ранняя космическая 19502108 The time of the Western Alliance, early Terran Alliance and earliest interstellar colonies.
Первый Исход 21082242 The early Terran Alliance era. The Outer Reaches Rebellion results in Demarcation Declaration, the forced independence for most colonies.
Второй Исход 22422398 Colonists on marginal/destroyed worlds resettle or perish. The Terran Alliance collapses; the beginnings of the Terran Hegemony and the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere.
Век Войны 23982569 The time of the Terran Hegemony, and "civilized" warfare between the Inner Sphere houses. The first BattleMech is created.
Воссоединительная война 25702597 The Star League is formed at this time and wars to bring the Rim Worlds Republic, Taurian Concordat and other Periphery states into the Star League occur.
Звездная Лига 2598 - 2784 The time when the Star League reached the height of its power and was destroyed by the Amaris Coup. Файл:Star league era-BW.jpg
Наследные войны 27853049 When the Succession Wars raged between the Great Houses and many of the advances of the Star League disappeared as LosTech. Файл:Succession wars era-BW.jpg
Вторжение Кланов 30503061 The time between the beginning of the Clan Invasion and the Inner Sphere's victory at the Great Refusal. Файл:Clan invasion era-BW.jpg
Гражданская война 30623066 The years in the shadow of the Federated Commonwealth Civil War. Файл:Civil war era-BW.jpg
Джихад 30673081 The time when the Word of Blake unleashed its Jihad. Файл:Jihad era-BW.jpg
Темный Век 3082 The time since the defeat of the Blakists and the creation of The Republic of the Sphere. This era includes events since 3132, when WizKids relaunched the BattleTech line as MechWarrior: Dark Age. Файл:Dark age era-BW.jpg